10 Best L.A. Clubs For People Who Don't Like Clubs

10 Best L.A. Clubs For People Who Don't Like Clubs
Lina Lecaro

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There are essentially four reasons why people don't like clubbing: 1) douchebags 2) over-priced drinks 3) shitty music 4) douchebags. Ok, there's also parking and traffic but that's sort of douche-driven too (obnoxious guys -- and gals -- either steal your space, try to hit on you while "cruising" or own the lots that gouge you). We cannot guarantee you won't encounter a few big D's (which can also stand for Dicks, Ditzes with D-cups, Drama queens and generally Despicable humans) at these events, but the odds are very low thanks to promoters who make it more about the music, the performers and the atmosphere and less about making a dime off guys looking to get some -- or the giggly/jiggly girls who attract them.

Here, we present our top 10 clubs/parties for people who don't like club/parties. One note: Go with a good attitude and an open mind, people! If you hit the club expecting to hate, that will likely be your fate. When it comes to nightlife, sometimes you get what you give.

10. Wig Out!

10 Best L.A. Clubs For People Who Don't Like Clubs
Lina Lecaro

Jean Spinosa's monthly hullabaloo at Three Clubs offers themed stage shows always incorporating wigs, and always wacky fun. You will be entertained, guaranteed, but this isn't just a show. The gathering always has the best music on the decks (eclectic mixes feature everything from new wave to disco to doo-wop), and the creative crowd knows how to cut a rug whether they're wearing one or not. They've got a "Puppet Party" this Thursday. 1123 Vine St., Hlywd.

9. Billy's Thursday Night Fish Fry

10 Best L.A. Clubs For People Who Don't Like Clubs
Blaine Capatch at Fish Fry/Facebook

La Luz De Jesus art openings are always a hoot, espcially when they feature live music. Since the gallery/kitschy gift shop/bookstore knows how to throw a party, they decided to throw one regularly, a "community social," as they call it, and it's been going swimmingly. Plus, you can pick up prezzies while you're there. Now all they need is fish. 4633 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz. facebook.com/billysthursdaynightfishfry

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