10 Best Burlesque Shows in L.A.

10 Best Burlesque Shows in L.A.
Tim Norris

Modern burlesque may have its roots in retro culture (and the objectification that was prevalent in the past), but today it's become an undeniably empowering form of expression for the women who do it and a unique form of entertainment for an avid fan base that goes way beyond the turn-on.

Cheesy interpretations aside (that Christina Aguilera movie, The Pussycat Dolls pop group), Los Angeles may have the most copious and creative burlesque in the world. Every shape, size, ethnicity and age is represented, every genre of music drives the dancing and every pop culture reference continues to get explored thematically. Thanks to the ground-breaking gals of the Velvet Hammer in the early '90's and the mainstream success of Dita Von Teese, L.A. is considered tops when it comes to babes their shaking bottoms in these glitzy bits and vampy vignettes.

Here, ten of best burlesque clubs and locales in the city, all of which boast troupes with oodles of T&A (talent and attitude), and one of which has a special event (hint, hint) coming up on Cinco de Mayo.

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10. The LaLa's

Choreography and dramatically driven vignettes are a huge part of the LaLa's seductive presentation, and they should be- most of these ladies are professional dancers and actresses. Choreographer Erin Lamont (Lady Gaga) helms the hotness so expect a mix of music video vampiness and old fashioned glamour. At various venues around town, most regularly at Federal Bar. 5303 Lankerskin Blvd. N. Hlywd. (818) 980-2555, Thelalas.com.

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