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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What are YOU thinking about?
  • What are YOU thinking about?

A recent study conducted at the University of Granada (random?) asked 2,250 Spanish hetero men and women about their sexual fantasies and found that, regardless of "Fifty Shades" obsession, women's intimate desires included more than their fair share of domination scenarios.

And guys were more than happy to imagine swapping wives, doing the hot MILF at the playground, or gathering together a group of nymphos to go at it no holds barred.

Doesn't seem to be too much of a culture shift here...ask any of your male and female friends and (especially after a margarita or three) they'll be more than happy to admit their dirty minds have room for very similar sex scenarios.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oh my, sole!

He's a boob guy, that one's a derriere dude...oh, and him? He's got a weird thing with feet.

Fetishes are usually associated with negative perception and attitudes, but this "freaky" sexual attraction to feet mounts over all types related to body parts, dominating at 47 percent, which mostly men possess.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Female sexual disfunction will be listed as an official diagnosis  in the forthcoming edition of the DSM-V.
  • Female sexual disfunction will be listed as an official diagnosis in the forthcoming edition of the DSM-V.
Many men might lament that it's not always easy to figure out what is going to turn a woman on. Increasingly, women are lamenting that they themselves don't even know.

Although the issue of a waning female libido resides in the shadows of the more talked about, and more commonly treated, issue of male impotency, the condition is a common and very real problem for women of all ages, and especially those in the hormonal flux of menopause and post-menopause.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Where to next, girls?
  • Where to next, girls?

One night and one night only, women love to bounce their little kitty...during vacation.

And more than 40 percent of them under 30, according to a survey conducted by, an online dating site that matches rich men who don't like to travel alone with attractive women ages 18 to 30.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Maybe it's time to stop letting your penguins read "50 Shades of Grey".
  • Maybe it's time to stop letting your penguins read "50 Shades of Grey".

After nearly 100 years, London's Natural History Museum is finally opening its doors to some classic penguin porn.

The Museum recently announced that a 97-year-old pamphlet on penguin sexual behavior that was once considered too perverse and depraved for inclusion in their archives has finally been accepted.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

She's one of the 31%.
  • She's one of the 31%.
Apparently, some people are missing out when it comes to their love life. And by people, I mean women. Come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about. According to a new survey released by Durex Canada, 84% of men can reach orgasm, but only an abysmal 31% of women do. Horrifying, right?

However, despite this pretty depressing percentage, 69% (I know, hilarious) of the ladies who took part in this survey claim to be satisfied. We all know that Canadians have a reputation as really lovely people, but surely settling for a less than orgasmic sex life in order to avoid stepping on anyone's toes is taking it a bit too far.

"The findings suggest the majority of Canadian women simply 'make do' with a mediocre sex life,' said the brand manager of Durex Canada, Jana Swedburg. "We also found that having great sex improves mood and reduces stress, indicating that a fulfilling sex life is a key component to psychological well-being."

No kidding. But apparently, Canadian ladies don't feel the need to orgasm to have satisfying sex lives. The survey revealed that compared to the global average, (including America and the UK,) Canadians enjoy more role-playing games, buy more sex toys, communicate better with their sexual partners, and they also use more lubricant. That last fact really comes out of nowhere, doesn't it?

Look at all that lubricant!
  • Look at all that lubricant!

The question needs to be asked, if all of these people are having so much fun with their lubricant, their role playing, and their communicating, why aren't they reaping the benefits of mind blowing orgasms? Come on Canada, get your act together.

And while you're at it, quit hogging all the lube.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Eleven is the magic number..
  • Eleven is the magic number..

EVERYONE. Stop what you're doing immediately. This is breaking news. A new survey has revealed exactly when a lady is most in the mood for sex. Seriously. I'm not making this up.

1000 women took part in a survey by Women's Health Magazine, and from this it was deduced that a lady feels most lustful... wait for it... At around 11pm on a Saturday night. Are you taking note, boys? This could be down to a number of things. Letting off steam after a long week is a definite possibility, along with the fact that at 11pm on a Saturday night, there's a distinct chance that a couple of glasses of wine will have been consumed.

The survey went on to reveal that forty per cent of the women questioned admitted they were particularly fond of having "al fresco" sex. Outdoor passion was described as being "the most exciting", followed by getting amorous in the workplace, with getting down on a beach coming in third. Some might dispute the fact that having sex on a beach is pretty much the same thing as doing it outdoors, but I digress.

Along with these revelations, the research concluded that out of everyone in the UK and Ireland, women in Scotland and England were happiest with their sex lives. An impressive four out of five women said that their bedroom shenanigans were very satisfactory. Good for them.

She must be from Scotland.
  • She must be from Scotland.
In dismal contrast, less than a third of Irish women could say the same. Either us Celtic lasses are very hard to please, or someone seriously needs to look into the plight of the sexually active Irish female. I would do it, but I live in Los Angeles now, and the men here are a completely different species to what I'm used to.

However, the article tries to cheer us Irish ladies up by reassuring us that at least we are actually having sex. Apparently more than forty percent of women in Ireland are "attempting to have sex at least three times a week." Now, while this is all very encouraging, I can't help but feel that the use of the word "attempt" in this context is worrying. Someone is doing something wrong, clearly.

The luck of the Irish? Yeah right.
  • The luck of the Irish? Yeah right.

"It is great to see that the majority of women are satisfied between the sheets, or outside, as our ... sex survey reveals," said Farrah Storr, the magazine's editor.

That's all very well, but I'm still a little concerned about the lack of satisfactory sex in Ireland. I won't be returning, if that's the case.

Monday, April 23, 2012

She probably doesn't have a problem finding a man.
  • She probably doesn't have a problem finding a man.

New research from the University of Texas in San Antonio claims that women have a lack of male attention to thank for their career success. The study, published April 2 in the Journal of Personality and Psychology, offers up the idea that women tend to pursue high paying careers more often when there is a lack of suitable men in the area.

Apparently, if ladies have to "fend for themselves" financially and emotionally, they are more likely to concentrate on establishing themselves on the career ladder, and they put finding a mate and reproducing on the back burner. Well, duh.

Researchers used a number of different methods to gather their information, some of which leave a little to be desired. They examined the sex ratio of males to females in each of the 50 states, compared it with the percentage of women in the top 10 career spots, and from that information gleaned these findings:

"Sex ratios involving a scarcity of men led women to seek lucrative careers because of the difficulty women have in finding an investing, long-term mate under such circumstances," researchers wrote. "Accordingly, this low-male sex ratio produced the strongest desire for lucrative careers in women who are least able to secure a mate. These findings demonstrate that sex ratio has far-reaching effects in humans, including whether women choose briefcase over baby."

I'd probably pick the briefcase.
  • I'd probably pick the briefcase.

So far, this makes sense, right? If there's a lack of men, there's a lack of long-term heterosexual relationships. If there's a lack of relationships, there's a lack of babies and families. Obviously, women have more time to work on their careers if they don't have a spouse and four children to run around after. Put two and two together and come up with an answer that we can safely assume is four.

But then researchers performed two surveys using groups of women still in college to see where they would rank the importance of having a career over the importance of having a family. They deduced from this survey that women in a population that was female-dense would rate career as more important. They also found that women who ranked themselves as less attractive to males would also prefer to concentrate more on their jobs. Um, OK.

However, what they have failed to consider is that all of the women interviewed were between the ages of 19 and 22. What self-respecting, university-attending girl of that age says she wants a man and babies more than she wants to be successful and happy in her career? It is just not the done thing these days -- heck, it hasn't been en vogue since the 1950s.

And seeing as though these women don't yet have degrees, they also don't yet have careers, making their survey responses simply predictions of what decisions they might make later in life.

But most curious about this research study is the lack of attention to the male side of the equation. If a man is successful in his chosen career, is it because he is driven and ambitious or the result of a scarcity of eligible bachelorettes? Hard to say...but let's cross our fingers that researchers somewhere in the world are surveying a handful of 19-year-old high school graduates for the answer.

Cuz that's certainly where the truth lies!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sex Robots of 2012
  • Sex Robots of 2012

If you're a man with extra scratch and a distaste for commitment, you've probably already considered meeting certain..."needs" with professional help. In Los Angeles, there's certainly no shortage of women of the night or women of the Internet, depending on your preference.

Still, a sex worker comes with a lot of strings attached. Right or wrong, it's hard not to wonder what other cocks have been in her that day and what strange new diseases busted through the latex.

For those with a religious upbringing or bleeding heart political leanings, the guilt of paying a woman for sex can be too much to bear. So you'll be happy to hear that researchers at he Victoria Management School in Wellington, New Zealand, are prediction the best innovation this side of Internet porn: robot hookers.

Don't lie: You know you've considered this before. Maybe it was when you watched "Blade Runner" or perhaps you're a fan of Anton LaVey, who saw robots as both an end to human labor and human sexual frustration. But whether your fantasy is about having your own private pleasure droid or just a woman incapable of saying no, you're about to get it -- and probably just about anything else you can think of.

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Too crowded for coitus?
  • Too crowded for coitus?

Apparently, people in Hong Kong are keeping their bits to themselves these days. Sex experts are advising the population of the city to increase their private time because, going by recent studies, no one is getting any.

A survey done by City University's Community College shows that couples in the city are having sex less than twice a week -- 1.6 times a week, to be precise. (I don't know where the .6 comes into play...someone's clearly not able to finish what they've started.)

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