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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Traci Lords at Trannyshack LA.
  • Traci Lords at Trannyshack LA.

Traci Lords may never live down her porn past, but after almost three decades in the entertainment industry -- most of it mainstream -- it's become a small, if admittedly significant part of her career and persona. The underage scandal (she was 16 when most her X-rated films were made) cost her producers money because all of her work subsequently couldn't be sold once her underage status was known, but it also gave the adult industry a boost with more free publicity than ever before.

Somewhere between her transition into mainstream film roles, such as the unforgettably foxy Wanda Woodward in John Waters' "Cry Baby," and the release of her brutally honest autobiography, "Underneath It All," Lords became a pop culture icon.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012


A Journey of Gender & Sex w/ Transsexual Author Kate Bornstein

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Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 3:34 PM

Kate Bornstein
  • Kate Bornstein

The first person Kate Bornstein told that she was a girl trapped in a boy's body was the prostitute her father hired to take the virginity of the Jewish boy Bornstein used to be.

It would take several decades before Bornstein had the balls to follow through on her desires and undergo gender reassignment surgery. Her personal transformation did not end there. With the publication of Gender Outlaw in 1995, she became a vocal proponent for transsexuals everywhere. Now with the release of her memoir, A Queer and Pleasant Danger, Bornstein documents her journey of gender and sexuality from a ladies-man seducing fellow Scientologists aboard L. Ron Hubbard's yacht, to a lesbian who had to redefine herself once again when her partner transitioned to a man.

I caught up with Bornstein and pried into the sex life of one of the most notorious transsexuals in the world.

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Monday, March 19, 2012


With a handful of relationships and a lot of life experience under his belt, blogger/gossip entrepreneur/gay icon Perez Hilton is turning over a new leaf.

"I've officially become an old person. I'm turning 34, and I'm not clinging to my youth. I am embracing adulthood," he says.

In his world, "adulthood" entails being a kinder person, working out regularly, and not trying to be a slut (anymore). Is this fairly new, enlightened persona a permanent change, or will it disappear the next time Perez courts controversy? Only time (and web traffic) will tell.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

When is the right time to have sex when two people first start dating?

Whenever I accidentally word vomit to my parents that I'm going out with a guy, they remind me to not have sex on a first date.

"He'll think you're easy," my mother always says.

"Wait a year," my father once told me.

"You're crazy," I responded. "If my brother was dating a woman who wouldn't have sex with him for a year, you would tell him to dump her ass."

"Yes," he said, "but he's not my daughter."

But it's not just generations past that judge when to have sex on a date. Recently, when I revealed to my friends that I hadn't yet done the deed with my new beau, their jaws dropped.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Susan Feniger (left) and Mary Sue Milliken (right) get down to business
  • Susan Feniger (left) and Mary Sue Milliken (right) get down to business

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger have been at the forefront of the Los Angeles dining scene since the early-1980s. Between them, they own four restaurants, a food truck, a grab-and-go kiosk and a catering business.

The two have been featured on Food Network's Too Hot Tamales and Chef Hunter and Bravo's Top Chef Masters. Their influence is so strong that even I work at at one of their restaurants. Through this job, I came to know these two formidable women and hear about their fascinating and intertwining stories.

Feniger, a lesbian, was married for several years to a man: Josh Schweitzer, now Milliken's husband. Confused? So was I, until I sat down to listen to them share their sex and love lives with me at Border Grill Downtown L.A.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

This is pretty much how we all want to feel.
  • This is pretty much how we all want to feel.
Newsflash: Women like to fuck.

This is true of a lot of ladies everywhere, and especially in Los Angeles, a city rife with high-powered females who balance big time careers with 'cross town sexual adventures in the bedroom and beyond.

For deep insights on what it's like to prowl, date and copulate in a town that can be strange, sexy and intense, (sometimes all at once), we've assembled a group of L.A. alpha-females who will weigh in every week on the down and dirty details of where we get it and how we want it.

This week we start with a basic but fundamentally important topic: the favorite sex position.

For any of you who've ever wondered what it might take to make some of the most powerful women in America beg for more:

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012


Sex Therapist Dr. Ava Cadell Explains Why People Choose to Stop Having Sex

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Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 9:59 AM

Tim Gunn: making abstinence work for 29 years
  • Tim Gunn: making abstinence work for 29 years

Tim Gunn is an attractive man. Tall (so far as I can tell), with silver hair (who doesn't love a silver fox?), and nice smile (a good smile counts for a lot). He's quite the catch, really. He's the host of a popular TV show, he's written several books, it's safe to assume he is economically secure, and, overall, he comes across as a genuinely cool and likeable person.

So when Gunn recently revisited his celibacy in the public eye, it caused quite the stir. In the past, the 58-year-old wrote in one of his books that he had not had sex in "decades," leaving people to wonder, "Wait — exactly how many decades are we talking about?"

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