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Four Romantic Itineraries for a Long Holiday Weekend in L.A.

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Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 2:30 PM

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Who wants to drive up to San Fransisco or down to San Diego on a holiday weekend? Way too much traffic and trouble.

Instead, stay in town and enjoy the fact that plenty of people have escaped, leaving L.A. a lot roomier and more relaxed than normal. Pick the part of the city you want to explore, and follow one of our itineraries for a romantic getaway made better by the fact that getting there was just so easy.


Sleep in together. When you finally get up, head to Spring St.'s Spring for Coffee for a to-go cup of the Bay Area's Blue Bottle Coffee. Roam around Spring St. and explore the art galleries while they're not crammed with Art Walk attendees.

Seven Grand offers a cool respite from the heat and, of course, enough whiskey choices to make your head spin. Order one on the rocks and let the glass sweat before you start sipping. Once you have a little buzz, find your way to Little Tokyo's intimate jazz bar Blue Whale (Brazilian music tomorrow, heads up).

Silver Lake

Sleep in together. When you finally get up, grab a blanket and mosey over to La Mill and order two fizzy glasses of cava and a batch of the fried-to-order brioche donuts. Choose to dip them either in Madagascar vanilla cream or raspberry preserves, but definitely dredge them through the little mountains of powered sugar piled on the plate. Then you have an excuse to lean over the table and kiss spots of sugar off each other's lips.

Get an iced coffee to go and wander over to the park on the east side of the Silver Lake Reservoir. Throw down your blanket and spend the afternoon lazily watching kites fly and taking cat naps.

As afternoon starts slipping into evening, head back over to L&E Oyster Bar for a dozen raw ones and a couple glasses of rose.

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