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Top 20 Most Epic Vagina Songs EVER - Part 1

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Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 1:04 PM
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The allure of a beautiful gaze; the suppleness of smooth, young skin; the lusciousness of a passionate kiss... body parts have forever inspired music, from rock to country to hip-hop. And while everything from legs to lips, bottoms to bosoms have been spotlit by songwriters, there is one part that remains the ultimate muse, its mystery and magic forever inspiring cunning musical linguists since the dawn of time: the vajayjay.

Yes, female genitalia remains an enduring source of wonder and awe, even for rock 'n' roll studs who get a lot of it. And whether delved in with explicit manor or alluded to metaphorically, ditties about lady parts have made for some hot, hot music -- by both men and women. But which deserve to be considered definitive odes to "down-there?"

Look no farther than the epic list of Top 20 Twatty Tunes list we've put together here. Part 1:

20. Birthday Cake - Rihanna & Chris Brown

Our timeliest and most news-worthy tune thanks to a recent remix that sees the infamous exes getting sexy to the beat again. This one may not be RiRi's deepest, but it is a sweet example of how metaphors can be more of a turn-on than actual terminology. Or at least it was before her bad-tempered ex got to be the guy who "licks the icing off."

19. The Vagina Song- Willam Belli

At more than 2 million hits and counting on YouTube, Willam Belli's "Vagina Song" -- sung to the beat of "Billionaire" -- is a bonafide viral sensation. Belli (currently a contestant on "Rupaul's Drag Race" - Season 4) has a gift for quips and witty word-isms as many queens do, and he packs 'em into this wistful tune about wanting a sex change aka turning his "dick into a slip and slide."

18. Soft As Snow - My Bloody Valentine

Some of the prettiest lyrics about the gens and sex, reading the lyrics to this one will make you melt: Carried on a wave/Where it can lead you/Touch your head, then your hair/Softer, softer everywhere/Fingertips are burning/Can I touch you there. And yes, there's a certain irony that a band with "bloody" in its name wrote this.

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