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5 Greatest Moments in Video Game Sex

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Tue, May 31, 2011 at 5:32 PM

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Be honest. The thought of Lara Croft still makes you hard.

Video games are so ingrained in male culture that it was inevitable sex would become a driving force in the production process. Things started out fairly tame (and pixelated), but quite a bit has changed since the Atari 2600 was introduced in 1977. e-Sex will never be an adequate substitution for the real thing, but hey, it's all the fanboys have.

5. Custer's Revenge

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Pixelated dong and breasts at its finest! Well, maybe not. Custer's Revenge was terrible as a game and the sex was never going to help anyone reach orgasm, but it was the first game of its kind.

Marketed as an adults-only game for the Atari 2600 by a company called Mystique, players guided General George Custer through the West. His mission: Have sex with as many Native American women as possible, while dodging arrows mysteriously falling from above.

The since-discontinued masterpiece of schlock is still one of the only games to actually shows the act of sex, but it's only worth seeing if you want a laugh.

4. Mass Effect

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Now you can live out all your Captain Kirk fantasies! Well...at least the ones that involve bedding green women from another planet. In futuristic action role-playing game "Mass Effect" and sequel "Mass Effect 2," players can develop relationships with other characters that lead to sex. Even interspecies sex - which the good Captain was extremely fond of.

But "Mass Effect" sex is more build-up than payoff. The actual scene is just a quick montage of two naked characters in various stages of copulation. Still, the game does give you the opportunity to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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