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Beck Black; Credit: Claire Mallett

Beck Black Maps Out the Dark Side of Hollywood With Glam-Rock Power

Like so many starry-eyed musicians who move to Los Angeles from cities back east, Beck Black was drawn by  the glamour and history of Hollywood. Unlike other celebrity aspirants, though, the singer-bassist-keyboardist and leader of her eponymous band has managed to retain a sense of wonder and hope even after dealing with disillusionment and the various dispiriting aspects of living in this place....
Hannah Vandermolen; Credit: Maggie West

Gender Is Beautifully Blurred in Maggie West's Photos of Naked Bodies

Through Maggie West’s probing lens, all things are equally revered. With scientific equanimity, the photographer’s artistic work broaches portraiture and still life with in an inverted color scheme that makes the viewer reconsider just what they’re looking at. She makes flowers look like kaleidoscopes, bodily fluids look like candy-colored chemicals,......
Credit: Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

Horror Anthology XX Offers a Too-Rare Showcase for Women Directors

The horror anthology — multiple short films, often from different directors, all tied together with a wrap-around framing device — has been a staple of the genre since at least 1919 and the German Eerie Tales. Since then, horror has thrived in the short form, though television was the preferred......