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The 1887 Kurtz Steamer

The Fires They Fought, Enshrined at LAFD Historical Society

From the outside, No. 27 looks like a classic fire station: three sets of massive wooden doors and a memorial statue. Inside, a pressed-tin ceiling tops six poles. Located near Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard, the station was built in 1930 and still seems set to burst to siren-screaming life......
Captain Walter Duffy

Mission Creep at the L.A. Fire Department

Traffic grinds to a halt as an absurdly long hook-and-ladder truck pulls out of Fire Station 9, on Seventh and San Julian streets in Skid Row, lately rebranded as "Central City East." Shining like a fresh tomato, the truck is the cleanest thing on the block. The driver doesn't bother......

All the Governor Money Can Buy

LAST WEEK CALIFORNIANS WERE GIVEN A TASTE OF Republican Noh theater when George W. Bush came to stump for Bill Simon, the latest GOP tycoon to try to buy state office. "Stump" is probably too populist a word to describe Bush's effort, which was not to persuade millions of people......