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Connie s; Credit: Danny Jensen

How to Eat Like a New Englander in L.A.

Winter’s brutal freeze likely didn’t have any of L.A.’s New England transplants longing for a visit back East, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t still daydreaming about sitting seaside with a wicked good cup of chowdah or an overstuffed lobstah roll. Fortunately, L.A.’s East Coast food lovers don’t have to......
Rockin’ the lobster roll; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Consider the Oysterette

View more photos in Anne Fishbein's "Pleasures at Blue Point Oysterette" photo gallery. When people ask about my favorite restaurant in New York, after the ritual banter about the game birds at Daniel and a bread-crumb soup I once had at Jean-Georges, it eventually comes down to the Pearl Oyster......