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ASHRR to ASHRR, Funk to Funky

Things are happening fast for L.A.-based darkwave/post-rock band ASHRR. Having only formed at the beginning of 2018, the debut album, Oscillator, dropped in May...
Labkhand Olfatmanesh and Gazelle Samizay; Credit: Courtesy Craft Contemporary

“Focus Iran 3” Photography Exhibition Turns Its Lens on Intolerance

In a stirring voice, “Focus Iran 3” pushes back against homophobia and patriarchy in many of the 43 photo and video installations that line the second-story walls at Craft Contemporary. With a subtler voice, the Farhang Foundation exhibit challenges xenophobia, current U.S.-Iran relations and the ways in which Iranians are stereotyped by Westerners, and even by one another....
Credit: Eitan Miskevich

Cypress Hill Have Grown Up but They're Still Insane

When South Gate hip-hop group Cypress Hill released the album Black Sunday in 1993, they literally helped to redefine the musical landscape. Everybody loved that album. As was the case with Rage Against the Machine, the album brought fans of rock and rap into harmony in a way that even Run-D.M.C.'s collaboration with Aerosmith couldn't achieve....
Thomas Jackson

12 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Week

m a glow in the dark party to a event dedicated to the best new restaurants in L.A., art redefining one of Southern California's most infamous stereotypes and a rather religious fashion show, here are the 12 best things to do in L.A. this week!...
The Kinks

10 Bands That Included Siblings at War

Since the beginning of rock music, there have been bands that feature siblings, because let’s face it, there is a close bond that brothers and sisters share. With too many bands to list, we decided to focus on rivalries, bad blood and other unfortunate circumstances. From classic rock, metal, alternative and punk, some of these band's histories include unfortunate events such as bitter lawsuits and family members estranged, or even separate groups under the same moniker. Most of the following bands survived this turmoil, while others saw tragic conclusions....
Credit: Rich Fury/Forum Photos

Fleetwood Mac Find Freedom in Buckingham Departure at the Forum

The year may be winding down but in Los Angeles, the live music offerings have been more abundant than ever, a true gift for concertgoers that reflects the seasonal merriment and giving vibes of December. Except, of course, nobody is giving away anything for free, which means that for fans on a budget, decisions have to be made (many of you probably already maxed out your plastic for those Stones at the Rose Bowl tickets, not to mention Christmas presents). Obviously the live music industry is thriving, though. How else could Nine Inch Nails sell out six nights at the Palladium (look for my review of Saturday’s show next week) and Fleetwood Mac fill three nights at the Forum, sans Lindsey Buckingham?...
Beyond the Infinite (detail) by Doug Foster; Credit: Courtesy Inception

Onesidezero's Return Is Part Reformation, Part Reinvention

While Onesidezero’s return to the stage at the Viper Room on Aug. 18 has been billed as a reformation, these melodic L.A. alt-metallers, despite not releasing an album since 2007, never truly went away. What’s different this time is a new lineup, promise of a new full-length, and a determination to recapture the spirit of brotherhood and adventure that propelled them to major-label “buzz band” status in the early aughts....