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@ House of Blues Sunset Strip

Tuesday, May 6 2014
Death metal's answer to Powerslave-era Iron Maiden, the Egyptology-obsessed Nile explore their narrow niche with exquisite passion and punishing precision. Over eight albums and two decades, this perpetually morphing South Carolina crew has consistently thrived through furious dexterity, radically de-tuned doominess, and the sheer purity of vision of the only constant member, guitarist Karl Sanders. The epitome of a Southern gent offstage, the embodiment of late Slayer ax-man Jeff Hanneman on, Sanders has steered his ever-changing cast of cohorts steadfastly onward, apparently oblivious to their genre's fleeting fads and sub-strains. Pyramid-heavy, lyrically exotic and almost impossibly instrumentally detailed, Nile continues to conjure unnaturally long life from death.
Tue., May 6, 8 p.m., 2014 (Expired: 05/06/14)
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