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One Weekend with Alien Enthusiasts Might Make You a Believer 

Thursday, Nov 28 2013

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Meditation, Greer believes, is central to making contact with aliens. He urges the crowd to take a deep breath, to release their anxieties. His voice is measured, soothing. "Become aware of this awareness," he says. He recites the necessary phrases: "infinite mind" and "mother Earth" and "father sky." For hours he chants, until words seem to lose their meaning.

"We're inviting them here in universal peace to manifest in any way," he purrs.

He shines the laser pointer into the sky as if he might draw the aliens down like cobwebs.

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When he asks people to be silent, it is so quiet you can hear someone snoring softly at the other end of the amphitheater, the crunch of sand underfoot, the hissss-pop of a soda can opening.

"Interstellar beings can use anything to let you know they're with you," Greer says. "They can appear by sight, by tone, by touch, or by materializing in their person before us." Every person, Greer continues, has been "assigned one E.T. to be with you."

A full gallery of stars twinkles in the dark sky, but the night is spooky. This is a modern-day séance.

"As we sit here, the magnetometer makes a strange tone," he says. "They've arrived. It sounds like a cetacean. I'm holding it with both hands. This should not do this."

He points to the horizon. Do we see it? But there is nothing. No Bijoux. No saucer. No glowing metal orb.

An hour before midnight, a bright light streaks across the eastern sky. The annual Perseid meteor shower is scheduled to begin tonight. "Ooooh!" the people shout.

"An alleged meteor," Greer says. "They are coming."

Next week: In the second part of our two-part series, Gendy Alimurung explores the world of "experiencers" — people who believe they've been abducted by aliens.

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