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Thursday, Aug 1 2013
Besides the pure joy of having an excuse to say "Libros Schmibros" a bunch of times, the popular bookshop and lending library's name refers to the layered history of the Boyle Heights neighborhood it has celebrated and called home for three years and counting. Once a predominantly Jewish neighborhood (Canter's Deli had its original location there), it has since become mostly Latino -- and, slowly but surely, just the smallest bit hip. Although founder David Kipen has a personal passion for Los Angeles history, the store keeps all manner of literature in stock, the better to appeal to as broad a cross-section of L.A.'s bookish as possible. Through various off-site programs in support of indie bookstores and contemporary authors, Libros Schmibros is invigorating and sustaining the city's love affair with the written word. But this Sunday, the shop adds a new dimension to the reading experience -- cake and music. That's because it's the official Libros Schmibros Third Anniversary Party and belated housewarming of its new Mariachi Plaza home, and sometimes, you just have to put down your book and dance. The shop has a new membership model, and party admission includes not only cake and music but also a one-year membership and a free book or two of your choice. 1711 Mariachi Plaza, Boyle Heights; Sun., Aug. 4, 3-6 p.m.; $5 (cash preferred). (323) 302-9408, librosschmibros.wordpress.com.
Sun., Aug. 4, 3-6 p.m., 2013
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