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How We Got Here 

Don't even try telling this to those snobbish New Yorkers, but Southern California in general, and L.A. in particular, are brimming with culture -- so much so that we need an official day to reflect on the awesomeness of both. Hence L.A. Heritage Day, an event that started in 2008 and brings Angelenos food, activities and booths highlighting more than 50-plus organizations dedicated to preserving the city's heritage. That probably includes some you've never heard of. Take the Culinary Historians of Southern California, who hold monthly programs themed around food, with snacks to match (history of peanut butter, anyone?). Since today's event is being held at El Pueblo Historical Monument, you can get schooled with free tours from the Chinese American Museum, Olvera Street and more. And for the kids? Scavenger hunts!
Sun., April 14, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., 2013
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