Music Picks: Fishbone, the Growlers, Redd Kross 

Thursday, Dec 20 2012

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The prehistory of 8-bit beats in Los Angeles gets more and more pixilated the farther you look back, but believe that Watts beatmaker Dibia$e was there early and enthusiastically. In fact, he used to get the pieces for his Nintendified songs by playing video games live through his sampler and trying not to die before he got to hear Bowser growl at him. A longtime Low End Theory regular, his previous releases on Alpha Pup and All City — the twin tentpoles of L.A. beat — prove that he's just as agile a producer as he is a Player 1. His newest LP, Looney Goons, is bristling with sci-fi robo music that crackles with adrenalin and menace both. The last man on the last level with the timer counting down to disintegration? That's when Dibia$e feels most at home. —Chris Ziegler

Sister Ruby Band


Johnny Ruby and his "sisters" — who are actually two misters named Carlos and Sam — have their own reverent take on the true foundational texts of rock & roll, much like Primal Scream did when they spent an album or so exploring the Rolling Stones canon. As Spiritualized does now and Dream Syndicate did a generation ago — wow, has it been so long? — the Sister Ruby Band follows '60s originals like Skip Spence, Dr. John or Lee Hazlewood way out into the darkness, returning with songs that seem like barely tamed animals. This is the kind of thing that'll get huge the day the U.K. finds out about it, but you can maybe hustle up close now, while they're still standing on the dirty city streets they came from. —Chris Ziegler

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Louie Cruz Beltran


Bakersfield native Louie Cruz Beltran comes from a family of 10 brothers and sisters, more than one a prominent entertainer. His brother Robert starred in the popular cult film "Eating Raoul" and went on to play Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager. Louie himself had a role in 2005's A Mexican Werewolf in Texas. Beltran has been one of SoCal's more popular Latin percussionists for decades, fronting everything from small groups to full-blown Latin orchestras. Tonight's performance at Vibrato finds him with a quartet in an evening devoted to Beltran as vocalist, and his usual running audience dialogue will likely be at full speed at Bel-Air's classy Vibrato supper club. If you've overdosed on football and just want an evening out to relax and be entertained, Louie Cruz Beltran is well worth checking out. —Tom Meek

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