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We Don't Need No Playwright: How Ensemble-Created Work Is Changing L.A. Theater 

Thursday, Mar 29 2012

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"I think regional theaters have become generalists," Valdez adds, "programming for a really wide audience — here's our classic play, here's our comedy, here's our Black History Month play. There's nothing wrong with that, and hopefully they become homes for a wide segment of the population."

But ensembles, nationally and locally, are able to focus more, Valdez says, "and develop a style of working and an aesthetic, and that's what makes the work exciting. Because of that, it's reinvigorated the field. I don't think it's going back. I wouldn't be surprised [if] in the next handful of years, regional theaters bring back [the now out-of-fashion concept of having their own] acting companies. I think this is only the beginning."

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