Triple Threat 

Thursday, Jan 5 2012
The Unholy Three describe their act as "a quickly paced, provocative, Dada-esque combination of wizardry, mentalism and offbeat humor." But it's so much more. Made up of the ghoulish Rob Zabrecky (former Possum Dixon frontman), "scientific phenomenalist" David Lovering (who also percusses for the Pixies) and Fitzgerald the "Delusionist" (best known for cult cable-access show O'Brien's People), the trio has been delighting audiences at the Magic Castle since 2003, with only a sprinkling of public appearances. Not actually named for the 1930 film that features Lon Chaney Sr. in his last role and only talkie (which also will screen tonight, with live musical accompaniment courtesy of No Wave Mump Kristian Hoffman and Janet Klein), The Unholy Three is a one-off happening as part of BENEFEST, a program series intended to keep the Steve Allen Theater up and running. The troupe alone sold the place out in '07; add the Thousand Faces to the threesome's predilections for science fiction, macabre mental machinations and comedic prestidigitation and someone will have to wave a magic wand to accommodate all those hoping to attend. (Ticketless fans, take heart: Zabrecky returns with his solo show on Jan. 28.)
Sat., Jan. 7, 8 p.m., 2012
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