Who Loves Ya, Monday? 

Thursday, Jun 9 2011
What are you doing on Monday nights until September? J.A.M. (Jazzed and Motivated) Sessions begin this week, and it's an amazing opportunity if you've ever wanted to be onstage guided by the talented Ford season artists. They're free and for all levels of experience — so that means you, Mr. Air Conga Player. The series kicks off tonight with Senegalese master drummer Pape Dethie Sarr Diouf. Later on, Blue 13 Dance Company leads "Bollywood Into the Night." "Tango, Tango, Tango!" is led by Gloria and Claudio Otero, accompanied by the Dina Durand Tango Trio on piano, guitar and bandoneon. "West Coast Swing" is taught by Doug Silton and Pete Green of the popular "Where's Westie" events. What else? "Flamenco, ¡Ole!" "Salsa Dance," "Art Circle" and more should teach each of your toes to move to a different part of the globe.
Mondays, 7 p.m. Starts: June 13. Continues through Sept. 19, 2011
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