Further Proof That Punk Rock Can Lead to a Fulfilling Career 

Thursday, May 19 2011
Joe Sib's a high-energy dude, who, like many other high-energy dudes, fell totally in love with punk rock at a young age. With more ambition than most such dudes, Sib went on to form his own punk bands (Wax, 22 Jacks), co-found indie label Sideone Dummy Records (The Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello) and host a punk-rock radio show called Complete Control (on 98.7 FM locally). Now he's telling his story in his one-man "broken-word roller-coaster ride," California Calling: A Story of Growing Up Punk Rock. "When you're in a band touring in a van, there is a lot of downtime," he says. "I always sat up front with the guy driving, so it was the perfect environment for me to work on my material. I remember entertaining my family and their friends with my stories. My dad would say, 'Joey, tell the story about what happened when you threw the snowball at the car.' And I would recall that time where the bearded mountain man the size of Godzilla boxed in my left ear while yelling, 'You idiot, don't you know snowballs break windows when they are cold! Fuckin' flat-lander!" This guy can talk: "I believe that everyone at one point in their life loved a song or band so much that it consumed them. Everyone has their own story of how the Clash or Pearl Jam meant the world to them. It doesn't even matter what band it was. It's just about that moment in time, when a song connects louder than anything else has in your life. Do I still go to shows? For sure! See ya in the pit! I mean, see ya backstage or in the VIP section!"
Wed., May 25, 8 p.m., 2011

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