Free Zap! Pow! and Blam! 

Thursday, May 5 2011
Who doesn't like free stuff? And comic books? Free Comic Book Day is upon us once again, so get yourself down to Golden Apple Comics, Melrose Avenue's venerable comic book mecca, for a random superhero mag. All you have to do is ask. Any participating comic shop would give you the swag, but why go elsewhere? Golden Apple is hosting Star Trek's Walter Koenig, Super Dinosaur's Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard, and other writers and artists throughout the day. There's a Thor scavenger hunt, too. So what's the free comic book? Whatever's left by the time you get there. It could be Spider-Man, Green Lantern, The Avengers or Scooby-Doo. Jinkies!

In the Valley: DC writer Geoff Johns appears at Earth-2 Comics in Northridge and Sherman Oaks to sign Green Lantern: Special Edition.
Sat., May 7, 10 a.m., 2011

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