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Have a Deadpan Easter! 

Thursday, Apr 21 2011
Flip the switch on that time machine and let's go back to the 1920s, when Calvin Coolidge was president, ice cream cones cost a nickel and a hapless man in a pork-pie hat could outrun an avalanche of boulders. That's what happened in Seven Chances, Buster Keaton's loser-must-marry-by-7-p.m.-to-get-his-inheritance comedy, one of six Keaton silents screening at the Aero's "Buster Keaton Weekend." Certifiable classics like The General, Go West and Sherlock Jr. are on Friday and Saturday's schedule, but it's Sunday you'll regret if you miss: The Navigator, with Keaton adrift at sea with the girl who spurned him, and Steamboat Bill Jr., a Mississippi riverboat ride gone awry, culminating in a cyclone and one of Keaton's most astonishing stunts. They don't make 'em like this anymore, kids. Without sound, I mean.
April 22-24, 2011
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