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Music Picks: Nicole Eva Emery, Hard NYE, Peter and the Wolf, 

Also, Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound, Octavius, Cosmologic and others

Thursday, Dec 30 2010



You all remember Miami Bass? Then you all recall the fabulous L'Trimm's "Grab It," which, even if you didn't hear directly, you heard as the "inspiration" (ahem) behind JJ Fad's megahit "Supersonic." L'Trimm did that paean to subwoofers called "Cars With the Boom" (aka "The Cars That Go Boom") as well. Sassy, sexy stuff and, some say, the prime "influence" (ahem, redux) on your megaselling stars like Ke$ha (through Uffie) and M.I.A. and even Gwen Stefani. So the duo of Lady Tigra and Bunny parted ways eventually, but our Lady still makes the rounds with that hair-curling rap of hers. Like the jingle on the Pinkberry website? That's courtesy our own Lady Tigra. And did you catch her on Yo Gabba Gabba! the other day? A big sound, a big heart, big, big fun guaranteed. Tonight you've also got the 'plex's resident dance crew R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) strutting and humping the stage in their world-famous golden pantsuits and freakily frenzied frugging. They dance like there's no tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe, there isn't. (John Payne)

click to flip through (2) Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound. See Tuesday.
  • Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound. See Tuesday.

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More often than not, New Year's Eve turns out to be like the balloon that bursts as you're blowing it up. Not this year. Slip on a suit (you too, girls) and shimmy the year away: In what appears to the hippest, most low-key glamorous NYE party in the city, Mayer Hawthorne stashes his honey-coated pipes in order to spin. Considering his influences range from deep-Southern soul men like Isaac Hayes to Detroit Soulquarian J Dilla, it's sure to be a smooth blend of vinyl old and new. With remixes of Phoenix, Fischerspooner and Hawthorne himself, production/DJ duo Classixx are dance-floor darlings — nightclub shutterbug the Cobrasnake even directed a video of their song "I'll Get You." Their sunny sound, which blankets you in cottony-soft synths that'll make you disco, seems just right for the Viceroy. If that's not legit enough, KCRW day-'n'-night heavyweights Jason Bentley and Raul Campos also toss their hats into the ring. Tickets include a hosted open bar, hors d'oeuvres and Champagne toast. (Rebecca Haithcoat)


That term psychedelic is getting kinda creaky, at least if you want to do justice to the zillion new bands mining the weird gold of the great mind-bender bands of the 1960s and '70s (the Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Chocolate Watchband, etc.). But you can go ahead and call the Warlocks a psychedelic band. L.A.'s veteran dark freaks were among the first of the second wave of psych bands to make the scene in the '90s, always twisting the knife in a Velvety way — dank & dangerous — while equally inspired by the minimalist beats of Krautrock and the galactic greaseballisms of Hawkwind. Last year's excellent The Mirror Explodes (Teepee) found the band in creepily tuneful form, and they've just reissued their early Rise and Fall album on their own Zap Banana label. Also the grungy speedy messy fuktup psychedelic night mirror known as Lantvrn. (John Payne)


No, there are no tiny plates of soggy hors d'oeuvres and no cheap Champagne toast at midnight, but there's plenty of funk and no frontin' at the Pharcyde's New Year's Eve show. Southern California's original "alternative" hip-hop group's 1992 Delicious Vinyl debut, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, and follow-up Labcabincalifornia, still are regarded as two of the most influential in the golden era of hip-hop's history. With Crayola-colored lyrics, legendary producer J Dilla's surreal, shuffling sound, and flows that seem to ride one breath, the group also is one of the most talented. Although the Pharcyde dissolved in the early 2000s, after reuniting for 2008's hip-hop festival Rock the Bells, they've continued to tour together. VIP packages with bottle service are available (and pricey), but to just party, this is the best (and cheapest) NYE bet for hip-hop heads. (Rebecca Haithcoat)


Danish duo the Raveonettes never repaid the $2 million that Columbia Records reportedly sank into them in 2002, but they remain (just about) hip enough to mention over a Brite Spot breakfast without some bearded blog-watcher regurgitating his coffee. Last year's In and Out of Control remains devoted to often seedy subject matter wrapped in incongruously sunny guy/gal harmonies and, while less densely Phil Spector–ish than previous releases, still sounds like the Jesus and Mary Chain scoring a 1950s B movie. The less-than-prolific Autolux (two albums and an EP in a decade) have similarly not lived up to, commercially at least, their original hype but are Silver Lake indie royalty nonetheless (or perhaps because). Their meticulously distorted, freethinking post-rock makes an odd New Year's Eve soundtrack, but expect many of the haircuts at the Standard to be resolving to form similar bands themselves in 2011. (Paul Rogers)

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