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Music Picks: Laurie Anderson, Onibaba, Superchunk 

Also, Hoodoo Gurus, Die Antwoord, Jonsi and others

Thursday, Oct 14 2010

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Self-reflexively wacky Kevin Blechdom rockets even further away from her roots as one half of nerfcore electronic band Blectum From Blechdom — lately she's interested in banjos, a cappella singing and all the assorted weirdness from last year's album on Sonig, Gentlemania. It's a never-ending onion with Blechdom's art — some of it makes you cry, and some of it just plain stinks. Eugene Chadbourne, atavistic polyglot and jazz spazz extraordinaire, has at least two new albums out this year: Jazz School, on Poland's Monotype Records, with New Zealand improv guitarist Greg Malcolm; and The Great Prova, with Italian folk-jazz combo Arbe Garbe. He'll be 60 next year and shows precisely zero sign of slowing down — even though he's admittedly scaling back the available CDs in his back-catalog due to the decline of that format and the continued sterility of its presentation. The improvised percussion of the resolutely resolute Corey Fogel brings the room together; his drums really only sound thrashed — it's the intent and the delivery that are pristine. (David Cotner)


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Metal will reign (blood) and the streams of Jäger will flow. New York's lovable ­— that's right, lovable — Anthrax will join their West Coast thrash brethren Megadeth and Slayer for one of the most intense nights of metal L.A. has ever seen. Slayer will be performing 1990's Seasons in the Abyss while Megadeth will be performing 1990's Rust in Peace. This begs the question, will Anthrax perform "Persistence of Time"? As of now that's not the plan, though they are going to bring back lead vocalist Joey Belladonna. For metal fans over the age of 30, it's the best part of high school all over again. For younger generations, it's an opportunity to get a glimpse into what many consider the greatest era of metal. Here's your opportunity to bask in the glory of Kerry King's brain helmet, get lost in Dave Mustaine's mane, check on the current status of Scott Ian's goatee and drink enough Jäger to forget it all in the morning. (Diamond Bodine-Fischer)


It's probably a coincidence, but the UCLALive series features within a few weeks two of Lou Reed's smartest musical collaborators. After John Cale, now it's Laurie Anderson's turn, presenting her newest performance piece, Delusion. The show is announced as "a series of short mystery plays, combining violin, electronic puppetry, music and visuals" and eccentric 18th-century novelist Laurence Sterne is named as inspiration. Anderson is one of a kind, and it's always a thought-provoking kind. If Björk or PJ Harvey were gateway drugs, Anderson would be the hard stuff. (Gustavo Turner)

Also playing Thursday: CHRISTOPH HEEMANN at ResBox (see Music feature); FILM SCHOOL at the Echo; BORN RUFFIANS at the Troubadour; FRANK FAIRFIELD, AMANDA SHIRES, SHAKEY GRAVES, WAYNE HANCOCK at Redwood Bar & Grill.

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