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Thursday, Sep 23 2010
Book Soup and Cinefamily present Take 100: The Future of Film (Phaidon, $75). The launch party stars Jody Hill (director of Observe and Report), the Duplass brothers (directors of Cyrus), and Sundance director of programming Trevor Groth, and across 450 pages, you'll get 100 of the most promising film directors. Do these future lions of the cinematic art come from film schools, thrift shops, or that new upstart YouTube? Selected by 10 "esteemed" "film-festival" "curators," Take 100 isn't really a guide to the must-see — there are too many films coming out these days from so many different directions to proclaim such a piffling and parochial duality. Look at it like a book about alchemy: Mix directors who have interesting worldviews with directors who have a brilliant grasp of premise, and the results are an admixture of curiosity and inspiration — giving film that elusive quality of immortality, which ultimately beats any glossy coffee-table book declaration about what's next.
Tue., Sept. 28, 8 p.m., 2010
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