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Thursday, Apr 15 2010
This weekend sees the closing of Shi Yun Zhi Heng: 12 Interesting Stones . Funded in part by the Chinese American Viewing Stone Association (!) and set against the backdrop of the Panorama's decidedly Zen milieu, this exhibition of traditional Chinese scholars' rocks -- stones that remind the beholder of someone or something, thus inspiring endless hours of still contemplation -- hail from the collection of the Stone King, Mr. Rich Wang. As with all balanced perceptions, these stones may be as holy as they are meaningless -- beauty, beholder, etc. Scholarly rock traditions date from China's medieval Song dynasty; at the end of it all, you might even take home a stone of your very own -- and, just like potato chips shaped like Richard Nixon, you can't eat just one.
Sun., April 18, noon, 2010
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