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Eight candidates scare L.A. City Hall 

A September 22 election in Council District 2 may shake all the way to downtown

Tuesday, Sep 15 2009

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Several of the CD 2 candidates emerged from the Neighborhood Council system, where they have worked to protect neighborhoods from overdevelopment and are now comfortable questioning in detail the distant and, in their minds, often inept city bureaucracy.

Sanchez, a claims-audit manager for an insurance company, is determined to make City Hall confront its $500 million deficit — and its jaw-dropping current overspending of about $1 million a day, as estimated by City Councilman Bernard Parks. “The city is on the verge of bankruptcy,” Sanchez says. “If we don’t start taking serious measures to deal with this problem, we will soon be bankrupt.”

After a classic closing rant delivered Monday night by an apocalyptic but crowd-pleasing Zuma Dogg, McCue joined in the spirit by loudly denouncing Essel, Krekorian and Galatzan as machine candidates.

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“I think it’s the most important election in recent Valley history,” McCue said. “We’ve got to stop this power play by the mayor. The most recent polling shows that over half the voters have still not made up their minds. . I think that’s because they’re looking for the courage to go with someone completely different, a grass-roots candidate who is not part of the big-money game.”

It’s a highly local election for a plum post. The winner will have broad powers to oversee land development, and thus alter the quality of life in a big swath of the San Fernando Valley.

You can read all about it on the blogs.

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