Fucking With "Fucking With Drew Barrymore” 

And more thoughts on L.A. People 2009

Wednesday, May 6 2009

Peeps (and Some Bleeps) for Our People Issue
Re “Fucking With Drew Barrymore,” by Joe Donnelly (April 23):

Great headlines, guys. Drew Barrymore loves the word “fuck.” So what? Just get over it.

Comment by Dirk

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Strange thing about this article and interview ... is that there seems to be nothing else but the most annoying kind of present-day, bar-code hipster actressy Hollywoodishness about it.

Comment by anonymous from L.A.


So well written and interesting. Thanks.

Comment by Marla from Malibu


Holy shit, she is adorable! This whole piece is so lovable, LOVE IT!

Comment by bd from Burbank


Re “The Throat — Lemmy,” by Libby Molyneaux:

It would have been pretty difficult for Lemmy to have roadied for Jimi Hendrix 25 years ago, considering that Hendrix died nearly 39 years ago, in 1970. And a quarter of a century ago, Motörhead was already nine years strong (with the album Ace of Spades having been released four years earlier), so I doubt Lemmy was looking into roadie jobs at all! Actually, according to Lemmy’s autobiography, White Line Fever (which I helped to write), Lem didn’t move to his West Hollywood digs until 1990.

Comment by Janiss Garza from L.A.


Re “Punkissance Man — Tim Armstrong,” by Lina Lecaro:

I want that guitar — and Tim too!

Comment by Chloe from L.A.


Re “Tech’s Popular Girl — Shira Lazar,” by Alexia Tsotsis:

Great article, but is this about Shira, or Dov Charney? Can’t a woman stand on her own without being matched up as a “relative of ...”? Nice to see a woman breaking through into the male-dominated geek squad.

Comment by Mark from New York


Re “Traveling Man: Tootie Heath,” by Erica Zora Wrightson:

Mr. Albert Tootie Heath is the most dynamic person that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. His gift and spirit transcend all. Thank you for acknowledging his musical contributions and presence; I truly enjoyed the article.

Comment by Scoot P. Crockett from La Habra


I don’t remember inviting Mr. Heath into my living room. Reading this article, I felt like he was talking to me. I don’t know how he got in, but I’m glad he did.

Comment by Neal Hemmelstein from Lemont


Re “Death Becomes Her — Gillian Shure,” by Joe Donnelly:

What a delightful, intelligent and (trust me) talented young woman. She is sure to hit the big time — on the screen, not splattered all over it! [Signed,] Gilly’s mom.

Comment by Jan Onder from Ann Arbor


Re “Vujachick — Sasha Watch Blogger Emily Ho,” by Jonathan Gold:

This is such a charming article about one of the most charming girls in L.A. I have been a fan of Emily’s The Kitchn entries and Emily in general for a long time, and who would have thought that I’d ever care about a tall Slav playing basketball, ever? Great writing!

Comment by Melanie from Wien


Re “L.A.’s Chronicler — Gary Leonard,” by Erica Zora Wrightson:

Gary Leonard is a gem. We are lucky to have his camera lens shooting our city. I fondly remember his incredible photos in the Los Angeles Reader every week.

Comment by Melle Belle Karakawa from L.A.


It’s wonderful to see Gary on the other side of the camera. He looks a bit uncomfortable — a look none of his subjects ever has on their faces — a testament to his ability to help one relax and enjoy sharing the moment with him. Thank you, Gary, for years of Take My Picture!

Comment by Dora Herrera from Los Feliz


The photo essay “Take My Picture, Gary Leonard” actually originated in the Los Angeles Reader in 1994, not in CityBeat, as erroneously reported.

Comment by Erik Himmelsbach from Valley Village


Re “Cinema Enabler — Paolo Davanzo,” by John Albert:

Thank you so much for this great profile. It really captures the incredible people at the Echo Park Film Center. They give me hope.

Comment by Beth from Echo Park



Comment by Jason Daniels from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts


Usher vs. Goldberg
Re “Jane Usher Slams Gail Goldberg: A former commission president slams L.A.’s planning director as a developer sellout,” by Steven Leigh Morris (May 1):

Thank god there are real public servants like Jane Usher, who tirelessly works for the citizenry. Can you imagine how different this city would look if Jane was mayor?

Comment by KK from Playa del Rey


Jane Usher is nothing more than a power-hungry, vindictive woman who will sell out to the same developer community once she gets Goldberg’s position.

This all reeks of a power play.

Comment by David Bradley from South Pasadena


For the second year in a row, L.A. Weekly won the Western Publishing Association’s Maggie Award for Best Consumer Tabloid, for our issue of June 27, 2008. We also received the award for Best News Story, for “Rathouse of the Palisades,” by Max Taves (July 30, 2008).

Restaurant critic Jonathan Gold was a finalist for the 2008 James Beard Foundation Award. He won the award in 2006, 2005, 2001 and 1999.

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