Ziggy Plays Guitar 

Thursday, Apr 30 2009
As we're fond of saying, most children's music makes us want to throw ourselves under the wheels of the bus. Not Ziggy Marley 's sweet and uplifting reggae-ish tunes. Your kids may not care that Willie Nelson, Paul Simon and Jamie Lee Curtis sing on his latest children's disc, Family Time, but this is definitely music that will get your whole clan to act like happy goofballs. Ziggy Marley has five children, and his famous father Bob counted 12 offspring as his, so those Marley men must know a thing or two about how to be a Fun Dad. Marley headlines "Concert by the Canyon," an outdoor family music event that also features Latin and blues sounds by True Rhythm & Soul, Afro-Cuban group Locura Oscura, plus petting zoo, arts & crafts, and a bake sale.
Sun., May 3, noon, 2009
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