Thursday, Apr 23 2009
"What color is the sky in your world?" You hear that a lot, but if you live in the same world as Chaka , he's probably tagged that, too. Chaka, born Daniel Ramos, was notorious throughout the late '80s and early '90s as the name emblazoned on -- by his own estimate -- 40,000 surfaces coast to coast. Those freight trains cover a lot of ground; you can even see his tag on Dave Grohl's drums in Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video. Chaka comes from the same L.A. as Fred and Frieda Rated, the first populist notions of gang violence and Guns N' Roses. Convicted in 1991 and sentenced to more than 1,500 hours of cleaning graffiti, he got picked up here on various raps and lately became a muralist for Christ in Bakersfield. It's been 20 years since he first ran with his friends, rebuffing the wild-style tagging of New York City to develop his own slightly stark, chunky and blocky approach to making a mark in the world. Tonight's reception features Chaka working with paint on canvas -- so all you divorced LAPD cops with a slight drinking problem, just simmer down.
Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: April 25. Continues through May 25, 2009
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