Does Anybody Remember Laughter? 

Thursday, Feb 19 2009
There's a big comedy festival going on in this town, thanks to humor impresario Lawrin Gouston Salazar. The Los Angeles Comedy Festival Spotlight Series at the Theater Asylum also shares a stage with comedy programming from Patrick Bristow's Improvatorium, Impro Theatre, Piano Fight (from San Francisco), and Theatre Asylum's Improv Revolution. Basically, there's hot-and-cold running funny shit going on like crazy. Check out Big Game Hunters' (Fri., Feb. 20) "Gay Chicken" and "Klan-Prov" sketches online (do I really have to explain how to do that?). Other upcoming troupes working their keisters off to make you laugh include Shredding the Envelope, Knight of Comedy, Holler, Tuskegee Freedom!, Attention Deficit Disorder and many others.
Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, 2009
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