NBC's Momma's Boys: Ryan Seacrest's Newest Reality Storm, Starring America's Newest Hockey Mom 

Three single guys, 32 girls on the make and too many meddling moms

Wednesday, Dec 17 2008

Momma’s Boys is featherweight glitz whore Ryan Seacrest’s bid to be some kind of reality kingpin on NBC, a network that desperately needs something, anything, to give it programming prominence again. But this lame, brainless and irresponsible dating circus — the three rings being a trio of single guys, 32 girls on the make and the eligible men’s doting, advice-giving moms — is mostly indicative of how the arm-candy audition genre is thoroughly out of gas. The hyped sparks in Tuesday’s pilot episode came from 21-year-old Michigan-born hockey player Jojo Bojanowski’s mother, Khalood, an unrepentant bigot – of Iraqi heritage! — whose spoken intentions (captured on video) to keep anyone other than a meek, small, Caucasian, Catholic housecleaner and cook from marrying her “catch” of a son, created a wave of gasps from nearly all the girls in the house, who probably assumed their perky, unsupported boobs would be the most offensive thing to the middle-aged moms in their midst. There was an ugly confrontation when “Mrs. B” showed up — and frankly, what self-respecting African-American girl wouldn’t take advantage of this multiple-camera situation to tell off a racist dimwit in front of millions? — but the fact that this is what networks have come to, in sneak-selling a concept to prime-time viewers is pitiful. That a blank-stare slab like Jojo would be proud to unleash his intolerant familial crutch on viewers is another issue, entirely. Shame truly is dead in America.

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