The Bowmans at the Hotel Café 

Thursday, Jul 10 2008
Sister act the Bowmans create their own little oasis of beauty and tranquility every Wednesday this month at the Hotel Café, just a few feet from the constant river of traffic rushing urgently down Cahuenga. It’s a neat trick these two Iowa natives learned when they moved to Brooklyn: finding the inner heart of things by taking the time to linger on and give in fully to feelings of loneliness, joy, restlessness and homesickness. Sarah Bowman has played cello with Rasputina, and there are some graceful string and horn arrangements blended with the rustic, understated instrumentation on the Bowmans’ 2007 CD, Far From Home (Mother West), but her harmonies with sister Claire are most spellbinding when they’re backed by little more than an acoustic guitar. It’s beyond lovely how their voices quiver together on “Williamsburg Bridge” and the austere title track, and the way a delicate, extended note soars marvelously through the break in the aptly titled “Make It Last.” Wed., July 16, 7 p.m., 2008

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