Fluid Dynamics: Stephan Koplowitz and TaskForce 

Liquid landscapes appear throughout the city over eight days

Monday, Jun 23 2008

PScott Groller/CalArts

Riverdance: Members of TaskForce work with Stephan Koplowitz’s site-specific moves.

Chinatown, Roman Polanski’s homage to L.A. and film noir, provided the inspiration for an original dance film by Stephan Koplowitz that will screen at California Plaza with Polanski’s original on Sunday, to open an eight-day series of free dance events — all water-themed and “landscape-inspired,” and all instigated by Koplowitz with help from the eight-dancer ensemble TaskForce and an impressive lineup of local collaborators. Following the screenings, California Plaza hosts two nights of structured improvisation and music. On July 1, the action moves to the Fairfax District, where the dancers will fill the aisles of the Farmers Market before heading back downtown July 2 for a performance jam and screening of Koplowitz’s most recent dance films at the Open Space. The traveling performers head to the Port of L.A.’s Banning Center on July 3, up the coast to Malibu’s beaches on July 4, and back inland on July 5 to Farmlab, near the Cornfield State Park and Spring Street Bridge. The finale at the L.A. River includes an optional, daylong tour conducted by Friends of the L.A. River (FOLAR). Various venues, June 29-July 6, free. For details on specific events, visit www.taskforceproject.com. To see footage of the dancers on Dance Channel TV, click here.

click to enlarge PSCOTT GROLLER/CALARTS - Riverdance: Members of TaskForce work with Stephan Koplowitz’s site-specific moves.
  • PScott Groller/CalArts
  • Riverdance: Members of TaskForce work with Stephan Koplowitz’s site-specific moves.

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