One-night Sensation 

Thursday, Mar 6 2008
Having helmed her own L.A.-based dance troupe for 23 years, Jamie Nichols knows firsthand the Sisyphean obstacles confronting local dance — and the Promethean efforts that produce quality work despite the perennial lack of resources. When she segued from choreography into producing dance events, Nichols found a new niche as an impresaria, garnering top-flight production resources to showcase mostly local dance companies. Last year’s Celebrate Dance won her a Lester Horton Award; several participants have returned for this year’s one-night extravaganza. Look for Jennifer Backhaus’ contemporary BackhausDance; the Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project, combining West African and postmodern moves; urban salsa from Ana Maria Alvarez’s Contra-Tiempo; break dancing from Jacob “Kujo” Lyons’ Lux Aeterna; more contemporary work from Bradley Michaud’s Method Dance; aerial displays with yards and yards of red silk from Marie de la Palme’s Motion Tribe; and, out of San Francisco, contemporary ballet from Victor Kabaniaev and Dancers. Sat., March 15, 8 p.m., 2008
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