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Contraption Spell at REDCAT and “Size” and “Curious Green” at Circus Gallery

Wednesday, Aug 1 2007

Contraption Spell at REDCAT

Described by its creators as an art piece in the form of a folk opera, Contraption Spell makes up part of the final program at the New Original Works festival. Interdisciplinary artists Kelly Marie Martin and David Jones have collaborated for years on visual, musical and sound-design projects and installations. The storyline on their new work follows a nomadic tribe that is possessed by a sound and goes on a journey to find its origin. Inspirations for the project encompass 1970s performance art, 1980s AIDS activism and the spirit of 1990s indie rock. Most recently, Jones collaborated with artists Michele O’Marah and Tim Jackson on the film Faustus’ Children, which was shown last fall at Sister Gallery, and last year the two released a CD of music called Kelly and David: As the Twilight Auguries.

click to enlarge A scene from Contraption Spell
  • A scene from Contraption Spell

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631 W. Second St., dwntwn. | (213) 237-2800 or www.redcat.org | Thurs.-Sat., Aug. 2-4, 8:30 p.m. | $18

“Size” and “Curious Green” at Circus Gallery

Going against the grain, Circus Gallery has scheduled events for August, when the rest of the art world is on vacation. This is great for those of us stuck in town and looking for something to do. Every Tuesday night there will be outdoor video screenings and performances with baked treats to snack on. In “Size,” a group show in the main space, artists Sky Burchard, Adam Janes, Brett Lund and Danial Ruanova interpret classical sculptural forms. The project space features “Curious Green,” a film collaboration by Jen DeNike & Ylva Ogland that was inspired by Vilgot Sjöman’s 1968 diptych film.

7065 Lexington Ave., L.A. | (323) 962-8506 or www.circus-gallery.com | “Size” and “Curious Green” through Aug. 25 | Schedule of live events: Aug. 7, videos by Julie Orser, Shana Moulton, Landon Wiggs; Aug. 14, performances by Kierston Puusemp, Joe Deutch; Aug. 21, videos by Kelly Sears, Maron Studio

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