In Defense of Defenders 

Wednesday, Nov 22 2006

In Defense of Defenders

I was wondering if it is also the L.A. Weekly’s point of view that United States Marines are “mindless fucking ass-licking yes-men,” as portrayed by Dwayne Booth in his Mr. Fish cartoon [posted Oct. 27 online in his Catch of the Day blog]. I fully understand that he has every right to express his opinion by saying whatever he likes about this country’s Marines, but it is your freedom of choice whether or not to allow people like Mr. Fish to profit from their revolting remarks. If not for individuals like myself and my fellow “mindless fucking ass-licking yes-men,” he would most likely not have the right to print material like this, and neither would your news­paper. As a United States Marine, I implore you to make the correct moral and ethical choice to discontinue printing Mr. Booth’s cartoons and to cease all endorsement of his so-called art. Further­more, you owe an apology to all Marines and other service members who fight and die for the security of their nation. Dissent is healthy, patriotic and should be encouraged in a demo­cracy. This is not dissent. This is an attack on the members of the U.S. military, and should not be endorsed or encouraged.

Matthew Hammond

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Captain, USMC

Ska? Nah.

Nice to see the Aggrolites getting some exposure [“Dirty Reggae,” Nov. 10–16]. But for the record, they are not a ska band . . . they are a reggae band. Nonetheless, they’re a great band. See their live show; you won’t regret it. Simply awesome!

Diana Hogan

Los Angeles

Our Excellency

In the Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Awards, a nationwide contest sponsored by the University of Missouri journalism school, the L.A. Weekly has been awarded third place for general excellence among publications with circulations of 100,001 to 300,000. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram took first place, the San Jose Mercury News second.

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