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  • Bryan Singer's Web Series

    When YouTube started funding premium channels in 2012, among the chosen was quirky, nerd-centric Geek & Sundry, from Felicia Day (The Guild, Supernatural). The channel launched with typical unscripted YouTube fare but was one of the first to branch out into long-form content, such as half-hour gaming show TableTop, then...
  • Is Myspace Destined to Fail (Again)? 17

    Few things conjure as much nostalgia for 20- and 30-somethings as MySpace. For many younger Gen X-ers and older Gen Y-ers, it was their first social network, and they decorated their profiles with garish fonts, neon colors and ear-piercing music. Everyone's first friend, of course, was MySpace co-founder Tom, with...
  • L.A. Kings Hilarity 2

    Game four of the 2014 Stanley Cup finals is tonight, and the L.A. Kings could complete a sweep of the New York Rangers. Though Kings players like goalie Jonathan Quick and defenseman Drew Doughty receive a lot of attention, one of the biggest stars of the team, Pat Donahue Jr., is...
  • How the Internet Destroyed Tom Cruise 298

    It was Jason Tugman's first day of work. Almost a decade later, he still remembers the screams. A former circus fire-eater, he'd taken a job as a lighting technician for The Oprah Winfrey Show after burning off a chunk of his tongue. The pay was $32 an hour and he...
  • Who Owns Your Facebook Page When Your Band Breaks Up?

    Are you a musician? Is your group having issues? Ask Fan Landers! Critic Jessica Hopper has played in and managed bands, toured internationally, booked shows, produced records, worked as a publicist and is the author of The Girls' Guide to Rocking, a how-to for teen ladies. She is here to...

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