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Wednesday, Feb 15 2006
Staff writer Brendan Bernhard’s White Muslim: From L.A. to New York to Jihad?, based on his L.A. Weekly cover story from December 2004, is published next week by Melville House ($13 paperback).

Novelist and food writer Michelle Huneven and book critic Bernadette Murphy have written The Tao Gal’s Guide to Real Estate: Finding the House of Your Dreams With the Help of Six Women and the Ancient Art of the Tao (Bloomsbury, $15 paperback).

Kristal Brent Zook’s Black Women’s Lives: Stories of Power and Pain (Nation Books, $15 paperback) is a collection of portraits of people she met traveling the country.

A portion of Dirk Jamison’s Perishable: A Memoir (Chicago Review Press, $23 hardcover) was an L.A. Weekly cover story, “Tao of the Dumpster,” and went on to be featured in the Utne Reader and on NPR’s “This American Life.” The book is out in April.

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