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Janice Hahn calls a heated meeting to end the killings in Watts

Wednesday, Feb 8 2006

THIRTY-TWO PEOPLE showed up in Councilwoman Janice Hahn’s field office in Watts to talk about the surge in street violence. There were gang members, mothers of fallen sons, city officials, residents, the commanding officer of LAPD’s Southeast Division, community organizers, clergy and even some outsiders. They stressed the importance of jobs, and of getting resources into this forlorn neighborhood, but, most urgently, of getting a cease-fire for the latest gang war in Watts.

After a relatively quiet autumn, the Grape Street Watts Crips from Jordan Downs and the Bounty Hunters from Nickerson Gardens are back at each other’s throats, backs and internal organs. Since Christmas there have been five homicides and at least 25 shootings associated with the latest outburst. Over Super Bowl weekend, there were shootings in Nickerson Gardens, and at Imperial Courts, the third of the major projects in Watts and the domain of the PJ Crips.

“There hasn’t been anything like this in years,” said Sal LaBarbera, lead homicide detective for LAPD’s Southeast Division, which covers Watts. “It’s a mess. A real mess.”

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During the meeting, frustrated by the lack of actual young gang members in attendance, “PJ” Steve Myrick, a powerful PJ Crip from the Imperial Courts projects, stormed out, two homeboys in tow. Little Janice Hahn jumped out of her seat and went after PJ Steve like she was Pittsburgh Steeler strong safety Troy Polamalu. She implored him to stay and speak his mind. With the help of Cynthia “Sista Soulja” Mendenhall, an activist from Imperial Courts, Hahn persuaded PJ Steve out of an elevator and back into the meeting.

After 30 seconds of silence to cool down, Hahn stood up and said, “The reason we are here is we are all affected by this. I’m struggling with this, too. You may not even know who I am. But when I hear kids who say they don’t think they will make it to their next birthday, I can’t live with that.” Looking directly at some gang members — including one who was wounded by rivals who sat nearby — she said, “You’re going to do the cease-fire. Then I’m going to finally get this community the resources that everyone else in the city takes for granted. We are in this for the long haul.”

Then Myrick got up and spoke passionately for several minutes.

“This is like a joke here. How you gonna have a cease-fire meeting, but you don’t have any shooters here?” said Myrick. “I represent the PJs, not the whole Imperial Courts. There’s a difference.”

Big Donny Joubert and Big Hank Pervis, two longtime, well-respected community activists from Nickerson Gardens, agreed that the “players” needed to be at the next meeting. But Joubert, who helps run a basketball league at the Nickerson Gardens gym, stressed the importance of getting a good job.

“You give a person a lasting job that he can support his family on, take care of his girlfriend, it will change his life,” said Joubert. “These meetings are very important and we need to continue them.”

Southeast Division Capt. Rich Meraz said there has not been a killing in more than two weeks and was encouraged by the recent arrests of Grape Street Crips on murder charges. Even with the project gangs back at it, violent crime is down in Southeast Division early into 2006 compared to the same period last year. “We are trying to defuse the situation, trying to get people to talk to us and hopefully put a lid on this,” said Meraz.

Off to the side, three white-T-shirt-clad gang members scoffed at the notion the LAPD was trying to end the madness.

“Man, them officers, they come through the projects and be saying, ‘Ooh, you better watch out tonight. Grape Street is gonna come down on you hard tonight,’?” said a PJ Crip who did not want to be identified. “Now, how the fuck is that helping the situation?”

Nevertheless, on Monday representatives from Imperial Courts, Nickerson Gardens and Jordan Downs met with LAPD Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger, Capt. Meraz and others at the Southeast Division station on 108th Street to discuss the volatile situation.

“It was a good, positive meeting and we are going to have another one soon,” said community activist Joubert.

THERE HAVE BEEN MANY RUMORS as to what started this round of killings — Hollywood has nothing on Watts when it comes to gossip — but one seems to be gathering credence. On Christmas Eve, or the day before, a group of Grape Street Crips was at a club in Lakewood or Bellflower. Several Bounty Hunters were at the same club. A young lady from Grape Street started loudly putting down Nickerson Gardens. After a while, one of the Hunters knocked her out cold. She was the sister of a Grape Street Crip who has some clout, and when he heard about it, it was on.

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