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Thursday, Apr 28 2005
On ruthless Web-rag Buddyhead.com, Travis Keller and Aaron North skewer everyone from Fred Durst to Evanescence to the chubby guy from My Chemical Romance (easy targets, some might say), so it was a bit surprising when the guys put themselves on the chopping block a few months ago as promoters of their own weekly rock club. You had to wonder: If it sucked, would they talk smack about themselves? Well, Dive Bomb didn’t suck, but it still crashed and burned. The club featured some great local noise-rock and DJs spinning thrashin’ obscurities every Wednesday at The Knitting Factory, but now that North, best known as former guitarist for punk schlockers The Icarus Line, has joined Nine Inch Nails, it looks like the party is living up to its name. Last Wednesday (4/20, dude!), North’s going-away bash featured a totally unironic grunge night with Penny Royal and Dirty Frank (Nirvana and Pearl Jam copycats, respectively); Thursday the 28th, the night’s final blast features Frausdots onstage and metal he-man look-alike Thor from Canada on the decks. Crappy or happy ending . . . you decide. L.A. boys Run Run Run didn’t escape the wrath of Buddyhead, who had nothing nice to say about their cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” on the site. But if B-Head had seen these fellas live, it might have been a different story. We saw RRR during their monthlong residency at Club Moscow at Boardners, and their atmospheric rock seemed to have plenty of appeal for the long-banged babes who frequent the spot. (And we do mean babes.) Moscow’s promoter Keith Wilson first got into the nightlife biz with Club 82 (formerly at the Echo, now at Little Pedro’s) — named for the year he and his pals were born! To put it into context, they were fresh outta the oven when the Go-Gos’ “We Got the Beat” and Hall and Oates’ “Maneater” were hits. Speaking of H&O, they’re suddenly back on everyone’s radar: First they were on American Idol, then Steve Jones gushed over the duo when they guested on Jonesy’s Jukebox, and just last week we heard DJ Justin Sterling rock the floor with “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” during Warhol Factory night at Radio at Star Shoes. Uh, no can do is right. [Speak for yourself, lady! —ed.] Those who actually admit to watching Idol may have seen the cameras focus on a flamboyant blonde in the audience last week after longhaired Greek god Constantine Maroulis’ (who got voted out this week) performance. You read it here first: It was local artist/scene chick Giddle Partridge, who attended the taping with Maroulis’ older brother, Athan Maroulis — singer of now-defunct gloom-industrial sensations Spahn Ranch and head of NYC indie label Sepiatone Records. After the taping, Partridge took the bros to her favorite eatery, Canter’s deli, and nearly caused a riot on Fairfax, as fans and freaks flocked around their table — the very one where Rodney Bingenheimer eats nightly. The Mayor of Sunset Strip wasn’t there at the time, but if he had been, we wonder if he and Maroulis might have discussed the great injustice of the week: Ryan Seacrest’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now that his bio-flick is on heavy cable rotation, everyone knows Bingenheimer is the more deserving jock, and some enterprising fans are actually doing something about it. Check out www.rodneyonthewalk.com to find out how you can help raise dough (it costs 15 grand!) and spread the word. By the way, in addition to his late-Sunday-night shift, Rodney’s back on KROQ when we can all actually hear him: every day around 12:45 p.m. doing a short but sweet new-music segment called Flash Forward. And that’s “what’s happening.”

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