8 who left Mayor James K. Hahn in 2003 


1 Deputy Mayor Matt Middlebrook — to become public-affairs chief of the San Francisco office of Fleishman Hillard, a public-relations firm that has raised thousands in political donations for Hahn and holds several lucrative city contracts.

2 Deputy Mayor Felipe Fuentes — to become chief of staff for council President Alex Padilla, in the wake of Hahn’s budget battle with the council.

3 Deputy Mayor Jonathan Kevles — to head harbor-area project development for the Community Redevelopment Agency.

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4 Los Angeles World Airports Executive Director Lydia Kennard — to “pursue opportunities in the private sector.”

5 Los Angeles Convention Center CommissionER Peter Zen — under pressure after it was revealed that he filed a legal brief opposing a city subsidy for a convention-center hotel that would compete with the Bonaventure, where he was chief operating officer.

6 Housing Authority Commission Chair Ozie Gonzaque — after allegations that commission employees and leaders of tenant groups embezzled $281,000 in government funds (Gonzaque was not implicated).

7 Communications director Hilda Delgado — to handle media and other projects at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

8 MRS. HAHN — d’oh!

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