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Made in the USA, Part III: US Company Listings N-Z 

Thursday, Apr 24 2003


(Dayton, Ohio)

Date uncertain — Supplied $1,207,036 worth of computers, peripherals and spare parts to Iraq’s State Establishment for Heavy Engineering Equipment (SEHEE), a front for Iraq’s nuclear-weapons/Big Gun (giant cannon) program. Deal was financed with a letter of credit from BNL (an Italian bank). A company spokesperson said the company "did have a presence inside Iraq from 1984 to September 1990." He added that NCR had received a license from the U.S. government to export technology to Iraq. The company, said spokesman Jeff Dafler, operated in full compliance with all applicable U.S. laws, governing exports to Iraq during that time period.

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(Formerly located in Akron, Ohio, it is now part of McNeil and NRM Corp., also based in Akron.)

Date uncertain — Supplied $3,310,485 worth of tire-manufacturing machines and $950,000 worth of presses and accessories to Iraq’s State Establishment for Heavy Engineering Equipment, a nuclear-weapons program. Deals were financed with loans from BNL (an Italian bank). Another company, McNeil Akron Inc. (see listing above), bought NRM’s assets at a bankruptcy sale in 1992. A McNeil Akron and NRM corporate representative said he had no information regarding the former NRM’s exports to Iraq.

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(South Norwalk, Connecticut)

Date uncertain — Supplied a power and compressor assembly costing $66,325 to Iraq’s State Establishment for Heavy Engineering Equipment, a nuclear-weapons program. Deal was financed with loan from BNL (an Italian bank).

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(Formerly located in Brooklyn, New York)

1988 — An alleged front company, this subsidiary (reportedly no more than an empty warehouse) of Brooklyn-based United Steel and Strip Corp., an import/export firm, allegedly transferred to Iraq more than 300 tons of thiodiglycol, which is used to make mustard gas. Allegedly received the illegally exported material from Alcolac International. The thiodiglycol reportedly traveled from Anthwerp, Belgium, to Jordan and then on to Iraq. Both Nu Kraft and United Steel and Strip Corp. have apparently ceased operations.

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(Formerly based in Norwalk, Connecticut. After company was sold to another corporation, the combined entities were renamed PerkinElmer Corp. It is based in Wellesley, Massachusetts.)

1986 to 1989 — Supplied more than $82,000 worth of electronic and photographic equipment for chemical research to Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission as well as more than $198,000 worth of computers to the Al Qaqaa State Establishment, Iraq’s nuclear-weapons-testing program. A company spokesman said he has no information regarding exports to Iraq.

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(Now part of ConocoPhillips, a Houston, Texas–based oil and energy company.)

1983 to 1985 — Phillips Export (then part of Phillips Petroleum) sold 500 tons of thiodiglycol, a material used to make mustard gas, to the Iraqi State Enterprise for Pesticide Production, via Dutch firm KBS Holland. Also manufactured a five-ton shipment of thiodiglycol, which allegedly made its way to Iraq via the Spanish firm Cades. Cades claims chemical was destroyed prior to its delivery. Phillips Export/ConocoPhillips is a defendant in a Texas civil suit filed on behalf of some 3,500 Gulf War vets who are allegedly suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. The attorney representing ConocoPhillips in that class-action suit did not respond to the Weekly’s call for comment.

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(Formerly based in North Stonington, Connecticut; company passed through several owners. Its assets eventually were sold to Emerson Electric Company, based in St. Louis, Missouri.)

Date uncertain — Provided a system to fill payloads of projectiles for Iraq’s chemical-weapons program, according to evidence presented in a 1992 Senate Banking Committee hearing.

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(Based in Pawling, New York, the company is a subsidiary of the Pawling Corp.)

1988 to 1989 — Sold rubber door seals, which can be used in nuclear or chemical facilities to prevent the spread of contaminants, to Iraq’s State Electrical Industries. Vice President Ted Hollander confirmed Pressray’s exports to Iraq. "I’m not happy about it, but yes, we did do business with Iraq before the first Gulf War," said Hollander. He added that Pressray got approval for the sale from the U.S. Department of Commerce. "We actually had two orders to deliver, but the second, larger one was cancelled," he said.

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(Formerly located in Charlotte, North Carolina)

Date uncertain — Named as chemical-weapons-materials supplier by U.N. weapons inspectors in the first round of inspections in the 1990s. However, inspectors did not specify what Pure Aire materials were found at Iraq’s Muthana weapons facility. Company may have ceased operations.

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