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Made In the USA, Part III: US Company Listings A-M 

Thursday, Apr 24 2003

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(Meriden, Connecticut)

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1986 — Canberra Industries and Canberra Elektronik GmbH, in Germany, provided $30,000 worth of electronic and computer equipment to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission. In 2001, Canberra Industries became part of the newly formed $9 billion Areva Group, created from a merger of two leading companies in the nuclear field. Besides operations in nuclear-related fields, Canberra is now selling Homeland Security technology and equipment.

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(A German company, with various North American branches)

1987 — Provided more than $10,000 worth of computers for process control and data evaluation to Saad 16, Iraq’s primary missile research-and-development site.

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(A German company with American operations headquartered in Thornwood, New York)

1989 — Supplied $105,000 worth of microcomputers to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, for use with a Zeiss planicomp (digital mapping) system for map-work measurements and calculations of photographic data.

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(Peoria, Illinois)

Date uncertain — Sold $9,902,605 worth of tractors to Iraq. They were used in construction projects involving Iraq’s nuclear and Condor II ballistic-missile programs. Purchase was funded by BNL (an Italian bank), according to records compiled for a 1992 Senate Banking Committee report on U.S. export policies prior to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Caterpillar currently has a number of contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense to supply the military with heavy equipment.

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(Formerly based in Englewood, Colorado)

1988 — Provided $117,000 worth of frequency synthesizers and equipment used to repair and maintain handheld radios of the Civil Defense Group of the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior, which oversaw the secret police. Also supplied $161,000 worth of radio transmitters and amplifiers used at base stations to communicate with Civil Defense Group units. (In addition, Iraq received a loan for $36 million from BNL, an Italian bank, to buy a mobile satellite-tracking system from Comtech.) In 2002 the company reported an accumulated deficit of nearly $16.5 million. Company may have ceased operations.

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(Ranocas, New Jersey)

1989 to 1990 — Contracted to supply high-performance furnaces, valued at $11 million, for making missile parts and melting zirconium, as well as $575,000 worth of numerical-control equipment for use in high-performance furnace systems. Material sold to the Ministry of Industry and Military Industrialization (MIMI), which was responsible for Iraq’s nuclear-, conventional-, missile and chemical-weapons programs. Hussein Kamel, one of Saddam Hussein’s son-in-laws, ran MIMI. In 1995, Kamel and his brother, also a Hussein son-in-law, left Iraq in 1995 and moved to Jordan. There they briefed U.N. weapons inspectors on Iraq’s weapons-of-mass-destruction programs, handing over crates of documents. Six months later Kamel, his brother and their families returned to Iraq for a promised amnesty. However, Saddam’s daughters were forced to divorce their husbands. Kamel and his brother, along with their father, sister and her children, were then executed.

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(Now Copeland Corporation, based in Sidney, Ohio. It’s a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.)

Date uncertain — Received letter of credit for $147,120 from BNL (an Italian bank) to sell air-conditioning compressors to the Iraqi Trading Company, a front group for the Iraqi government. It’s unclear what the compressor was used for, but Iraqi Trading was identified by congressional testimony as a front company to purchase materials for Iraq’s military. A spokesman for Emerson Electric, which owns Copeland’s assets, said he has no information on Posi Seal’s exports to Iraq.

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(Formerly headquartered in Westboro, Massachusetts. The company was purchased by EMC Corp., based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.)

1989 — Supplied $324,000 worth of computers for mapping and surveying to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

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(Formerly based in Savannah, Georgia)

1985 — Provided more than $38,000 worth of communication equipment to the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior, which oversaw the secret police. According to corporate records from Georgia’s Secretary of State Office, this company began operations in 1980 and was "administratively dissolved" in 1995.

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