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Home Improvement: King Kukulele's Tiki Paradise 


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The guy in the cloak and cowl is now doing MC duty. Jumping up on the stage, he warms up the crowd.

"Are we all having fun?"

A big cheer.

"Who among us would like to be groped and fondled?"

A bigger cheer.

"And who among us would like to be flogged and beaten?"

Not such a big cheer.

"S&M isn't all that big here," explains Lisa, who goes on to talk about Pan Pipes. "We have lots of courses — a basic introductory course on Wicca, then there are courses in wand making, spell casting, hexes and curses, alchemy . . . "

Just like Harry Potter!

"Yeah, kind of."

Do the spells really work?

"Listen," she confides, "I got my husband with one!"

Pagans need love too.

—Mary Beth Crain

We Have Our Issues


"Intervention damages the fabric of a nation, the chance of resurrecting its history, the wholeness of its cultural identity . . . More and more, over the past two years, I have heard North Americans in responsible positions speak of not caring whether the United States is loved, but whether it is feared; not whether the rights of others are respected, but whether its own strategic interests are defended. These are inclinations we have come to associate with the brutal diplomacy of the Soviet Union."

—Carlos Fuentes on U.S. intervention in Central America, March 9, 1984

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