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“Went to Spago for dinner. Gene Kelly was there with his son [Tim], and his son said he’d see us later at Brad Branson’s party (dinner $300). So after dinner we went to Crenshaw Avenue way in the black area of L.A., where Brad Branson who does photographs for Interview was giving his second weekly party [in his studio] . . . he had all the cute kids there . . . and some people said that Madonna had been there right before we got there. Fred was with Rupert Everett . . . And all these kids were coming over to me, and it was fun.”


13. Ferus Gallery, 736-A N. La Cienega Blvd.; 1962, 1963, 1966.

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July 1962: “Campbell’s Soup Cans” is Andy’s first solo show anywhere. He stays in New York. Gallery owner Irving Blum makes a package deal for all 34 of the soup cans (priced at $100 apiece). In September 1963, Andy drives across country with Gerard Malanga, Taylor Mead and Wynn Chamberlain for his second solo show, “Elvis and Liz.” This show is a bust; canvases do not move at $1,000 per. In May 1966, to coincide with the “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” show, Andy exhibits “Silver Pillows,” a conceptual triumph but a commercial disaster, especially when the Mylar poofs begin sinking to the floor.

14. The Factory (now Moomba), 665 N. Robertson Ave.; February 1966

“. . . Andy Warhol was introduced to Hollywood and the Factory — which he thought ‘groovy’ — by John Hallowell, who is talking his upcoming tome, The Truth Game, with the underground filmmaker, who is seeing some majors before returning to New York . . . Among those who showed to meet Warhol were the Roger Vadims (Jane Fonda), Michael Wellses (Susannah York), Michael Laughlins (Leslie Caron), Jacques Demys (Agnes Varda), Oleg Cassini and Ryan O’Neal.” (From Army Archerd’s column in Daily Variety, February 12, 1969.)

15. Gemini GEL, 8365 Melrose Ave.; February 17, 1977

Andy goes to Gemini GEL to investigate new 10-by-10-foot print possibilities. He is spotted leaving the gallery by Jackson Browne — they haven’t seen each other for 10 years, since Jackson played guitar to back up Nico in the cellar bar at the Dom. Andy accepts the invitation to watch him recording a new album in a studio across the street.

16. Cedars-Sinai, Beverly Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard; Saturday, February 19, 1977

“Suzie Frankfurt arrived with Marcia Weisman. They had a Rolls-Royce, so we Rollsed over to the hospital . . . lots of people waiting. I sold $1,500 of stuff for a benefit. Marcia was very pushy. If anyone took a picture they had to pay $10. If I signed a can they paid $5. She told them that my prices would go up in the afternoon to $100 a poster, when actually they were going to go down to $6.”


17. Brooke Hayward & Dennis Hopper House, N. Crescent Heights Blvd. (above Chateau Marmont); September 1963

Brooke Hayward and Dennis Hopper throw Andy a “movie star” party, with Troy Donahue, Sal Mineo, Suzanne Pleshette, Russ Tamblyn, Dean Stockwell and John Saxon showing up.

18. The Trip, 8572 Sunset Blvd.; May 1966

Andy Warhol’s “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” debuts (Roy Lichtenstein does the poster for the original May 3–18 engagement), featuring the Velvet Underground and Nico, whip dancers Gerard Malanga and Mary Woronov, and a light show with blinding strobes atop Warhol films overlaid with multiple slide projections. Cher opines, “It will replace nothing except maybe suicide” (as quoted in Popism: The Warhol ’60s by Andy Warhol & Pat Hackett).

19. Mondrian Hotel, 8440 Sunset Blvd.; January 2–6, 1985

Andy stays here while in town for pre-production meetings about his guest stint on Love Boat, which is produced by Aaron Spelling and Doug Cramer, who buy a lot of Andy’s art.


20. Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Blvd.; October 1963

Brooke Hopper, wife of Dennis Hopper and daughter of actress Margaret Sullavan and theatrical agent–producer Leland Hayward, lends Andy and gang her father’s suite at the hotel, and they film part of Tarzan and Jane Regained . . . Sort Of in the bathtub. In 1977, when in L.A. for the premiere of Bad, Andy and company, as he notes in his diary, are checked into “the most horrible rooms” at the hotel. And in 1985, he complains to his diary that he “just hated the Beverly Hills Hotel. There were two TVs but no clickers. And the bathroom was worse than a 1950s Holiday Inn.”

21. Dominick Dunne’s apartment, 132 S. Spaulding Drive; October 1972

When Andy is in L.A. for the premiere of Heat, Dominick Dunne throws a party to introduce him and director Paul Morrissey to “young Hollywood.”

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