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Wednesday, Jan 30 2002

“Forum organizers threw off Kenneth Lay . . . President Bush won’t attend because of scheduling conflicts.” Who’s coming to the World Economic Forum.

“It’s like someone in the Middle Ages trying to imagine Wall Street.” After the protest era: Anarchy’s plans for the future.

“Did you ever see a deal that makes us look worse?” Molly Ivins wonders how TV images of bound and gagged prisoners are playing in Islamabad.

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“It is time we recognized that the real terrorism is poverty.” John Pilger on global class war.

“I’m somewhat afraid of it,” admits one portfolio manager. The black box of Enron stock — in March 2001.

“Decoupage! That’s right, decoupage . . .” Laura does crafts with Enron stock.

“1.5 million addicts are produced each year.” This is your brain on Xanax.

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