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And other fabulous new L.A. painting trends

Wednesday, Nov 8 2000

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INGRID CALAME | MICHELLE FIERRO |HIROSHI SUGITO | All at 6150 Wilshire Blvd.l Through November 11 ROBERT OLSEN | Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, 5363 Wilshire Blvd. | Through November 11 RALPH HUMPHREY: EARLY PAINTINGS (1957–1967) | Daniel Weinberg Gallery, 6148 Wilshire Blvd. Through December 31 PAINTING SHOW | Angles Gallery, 2230 Main St. | Through November 11

RUSSELL CROTTY | Through December 9 l GREG ROSE | Through November 25 STEVEN HULL Through November 25 I SALOMÓN HUERTA | Through November 25 All at Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica STEVE RODEN | Jennyjoygallery, 49 Geary St., No. 410, San Francisco Through December 2

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