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Dream Denied 

José Luis Frutis can’t beat 1982 conviction for murder

Wednesday, May 10 2000

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Rodriguez responded that “In gang culture, you don’t name names,” and said that Garcia would not benefit by his confession, but would have to “live with the jacket of a snitch — worse than death if one lives in the prison system.”

But Pounders was not swayed. In his order Monday, the judge emphasized that Garcia is “a member of the same Third Street gang” as Frutis, is “an admitted liar on this subject” and is “serving a life term . . . ”

“The videotape of Mr. Garcia’s interview. . . provides little insight as to the credibility of the confession, but the audiotape of his interview by the district attorney, during which he recants his confession, is compelling,” Pounders wrote. “He is not credible.”

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The order sends Frutis back to state prison, the home of Garcia and Moran, as well as prison staffers Selvidge and Garnett. Few there will be surprised at his return. As Garnett observed upon his departure from court, regardless of the circumstances, it’s exceedingly rare that longtime prisoners get their cases heard, let alone overturned. Said Garnett, “That only happens in the movies.”

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