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Thank you for finally giving Me'Shell Ndegéocello the space necessary to understand a little bit about this gift of a woman; Ernest Hardy's "Darkness Audible" [September 10­16] is simply the best, most complete article published about her to date. Me'Shell is more than a musician or a songwriter or an artist; she's a thinking, feeling person just like everybody else, which is the reality America's whole star culture is afraid to acknowledge.

--Kofi Taha

New York City


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I have endless respect for Me'Shell Ndegéocello, and Ernest Hardy's article simply gave me millions more reasons to admire and be inspired by her. I certainly hope that she ignores all the clueless people (especially critics and record execs) who haven't figured out for themselves how vital her music and her sentiments are to people, to our culture, to our planet. Thank you, Me'Shell, for your perpetual integrity and creativity.

--Siobhan Stofka

Los Feliz



The article on Me'Shell Ndegéocello was simply beautiful. I was very pleasantly surprised at the depth and length of the article, compared to what other entertainment magazines and Web sites would have given it. Me'Shell's complexity required such length, and I am glad that you went with the multilevel vibe she was giving. Take care, and stay focused.

--Roney Smith

Senior Pastor,

Anointed Believers Baptist Church

Mableton, Georgia



I hope Me'Shell Ndegéocello never becomes anywhere near as popular as Puffy or any of the other hip-hop ho's and pop-music mercenaries mentioned in Ernest Hardy's article. Had she enjoyed such massive sales, or an aggressively supportive record company, it is doubtful that she would have experienced the growth that is apparent over the course of her three albums. And those of us who know would be worse off for it.

--Brett Collins

Toledo, Ohio



In a town full of funk fakers, Ernest Hardy is the truth.

--Arash Saedinia

Los Angeles



Re: Hope Urban's "Silver Lake Snarl" [September 17­23]. As a car commuter and recreational cyclist who lives in Glendale and works at Wilshire Center, I was enticed to take public transit one morning and ride my bicycle home precisely because of the Silver Lake bicycle lanes. Count me among those who view the lanes as an opportunity to be part of the solution, not the problem.

--Ana Rodriguez




Re: "Silver Lake Snarl." We need to preserve safe and pleasant neighborhood settings, instead of making it easier for cars to speed through our communities. Bicycles and bike lanes are part of the traffic solution, an alternative to driving, a means of reducing congestion and smog.

--Ron Milam

Executive Director,

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition



Thank you, Hope Urban, for addressing Silver Lake Boulevard's new traffic-congestion problem. Like the resident you cited, I find 15 minutes has been added to my own already infuriating morning commute, and you are absolutely correct in calling it "a virtual one-lane, one-mile-long parking lot." I feel that the idea for a bike lane was fantastic in theory, but in reality an in-depth study of the neighborhood's traffic patterns should have been done before this "fantastic" idea grew into the nightmare of every Silver Lake commuter's day. I realize that very few people showed up at the meetings you mentioned, and that is probably because, to neighborhood residents, the idea of a bike lane sounded extremely innocuous, hardly the sort of thing that would ultimately end up causing the kind of major headaches that it definitely has created.

--Nicole Kreuzer

Silver Lake



In regard to Marc B. Haefele's item "Trusting the Wetlands" [City Limits, September 10­16], what Mr. Haefele missed -- and what I thought I had successfully articulated to him, but obviously failed to, during our phone interview -- was that the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust does not intend to acquire all of the wetlands by asking people to break open their piggy banks and give what they can to buy the land. As much as we wish it were, this isn't It's a Wonderful Life. Instead, it is necessary to coordinate an acquisition plan that utilizes a variety of sources, including public money, mitigation funds, ã private donations, private-foundation money and landowner tax incentives.

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